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New Full Menu - 2/14/12 + Valentines Day Deals!

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Posted 14 February 2012 - 01:00 PM


CURRENT MENU - Updated 2/13/2012

Menus are updated every weekday.  Menus are subject to change.

Let's win this! Vote for us at: http://metrobestof.com
Elemental Wellness is proud to be nominated for Best Alternative Medicine Collective by Metro newspaper! The survey is much easier than last year.  Click the link above, and scroll down to the bottom of the survey to find us. We really appreciate your vote!    


Get a tour of Elemental Wellness from ******TV!




THE CHURCH! $10 Off! Extremely rare, top shelf only $50 eighth ($60 value)!*

DARK VADER MINIS (Blackberry Kush X Grape Ape)
Only $35 eighth*  

FREE TRUE OG T-SHIRT with your donation of $120 or more on Feb 14th.*


LA KUSH Celebrate Prop 215 on 2/15 Get 2 eighths of top-shelf, LA KUSH, and you get $15 off!*

BEST HASH DEAL: Sativa Blend for only $5 gram!!
Yup, just 5 bucks for the full gram!*

FREE TRUE OG T-SHIRT with your donation of $120 or more on Feb 15th.*


PRESIDENTIAL KUSH Four score and seven harvests ago, our foregrowers brought forth a new strain named PRESIDENTIAL KUSH (OG Kush X Lemon Skunk).  Now, this front runner is topping the polls with Elemental staff! $17 gram

PURE KUSH BUDLETS top shelf quality at a budlet-sized donation $35 eighth!*

10% OFF THE TRUE OG, our award-winning top-shelf, all day long.  Feb 20th only!*


OG Kush (S/I) 14.65%THC (Chem x Lemon Thai x Old World Pakistani Kush) SPECIAL $13gr/$40eighth! (regular $15gr/$50e)

$10 OFF SPECIAL Super Skunk Wax (S/I) 59%THC LAB-TESTED SOLVENT FREE Only $40gram!!! ($50 value)

Grapefruit $10 Off TOP SHELF Patient Appreciation Special  $50eighth (S/I) 15.7%THC ($60 value)

Treat yourself to a Valentine's Day Cookie Box from Clarified Confections. Contains 6 scrumptious flavors = 12 cookies = $38 (Normally $42) Made with triple clarified butter! Available now!

NEW MEMBER MONDAYS Bring in a new member on any Monday in February and get 50 points FREE on your Elemental Member Rewards Card. Must mention this promo, with donation, while supplies last

TEESHIRT TUEDAYS Bring in a new member on any Tuesday in February and get a FREE custom print T-shirt featuring The True OG graphic design! Must mention this promo, with donation.

SUNDAY SELECT IS BACK! Select strains at an amazing 20% discount - all day Sunday! Top Shelf, High Grade, and more! While supplies last, sorry, can't combine discounts

CLONES - 10% OFF When you get 10 or more! (Maximum 12 clones per visit)

Omicron Personal Vaporizer. Revolutionary device that offers a healthier alternative to traditional devices since there is no flame, no burning and no carcinogens. Comes with: 2 Vaporizers, 2 batteries, 2 housing units, 5 cartridges, USB adapter with wall charger. Great news! We're able to continue our Special Introductory Discount! $175

Omicron Wall Chargers - Also available separately
Omicron Car Chargers -  Available separately
*sorry, cannot combine discounts

One Love Vaporizer - Available at Elemental Wellness

10% OFF Late Lunch Special
All meds Monday through Friday 2:15-4:20pm!
Sorry, discounts can't be combined.

10% OFF
for all veteran, senior, and disabled members! (with proper documentation) Sorry, discounts can't be combined.

10% OFF
when you renew your recommendation! (same day only, with proper documentation) Sorry, discounts can't be combined.

20% OFF
on your birthday! Sorry, discounts can't be combined.

Take home an ounce of any strain in a beautiful boutique jar, and enjoy a super-sized discount!  Save up to $80 on an ounce!  (Our ounces are heavily discounted. Unfortunately they can't be combined with other discounts)


Membership Rewards


Membership Has its Privileges. Get a free Member Rewards Card, and earn rewards points and redeem them for free medicine. Ask our staff for more details.

The True OG Jackpot: Your Top Shelf Ticket
Get your ticket for a chance to win an eighth of The True OG!  Ask for details at elemental wellness.


Your donations can help save lives on Valentine's Day!  February 14th, Elemental Wellness will donate 50% of net proceeds to the American Heart Association.

Our medicine is lab-tested to detect the presence of mold, mildew, and biological contaminants, and is analyzed for THC, CBD, and CBN potency.

Our waxes are lab-tested to detect the presence of residual solvents.  

POSITIVE CHANGE - Please join us in supporting the San Jose Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance. The ordinance is aimed at reducing plastic waste in our environment because plastic is harmful to humans and wildlife. Plastic bags litter our creeks and beaches, They choke wild animals, and they eventually dissolve into small particles which leach cancer-causing toxins into our water supply.

Please help keep cannabis green. Bring your own bag to Elemental Wellness.

We are  now required to charge 10 cents per bag at checkout. We will donate the bag fee to environmental cleanup projects.

We won at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup! The True OG (I/S) 19.26% THC took home 2nd place Indica for the 2nd year in a row! Jamaican Lion came in 2nd for High CBD and we won 3rd place for our beautiful booth!

Thank you for voting for us!  We were voted Best Collective in  Northern California, by patients, in the ****** Cannabis Classic!

The Elemental Wellness award-winning strain, The True OG, featured in West Coast Cannabis


Workshop Sat, Feb 25th 12-2pm with Mark Pelter SPACE STILL AVAILABLE

ONE-ON-ONE MEDITATION & SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE Individual session with Mark Pelter, focused on deepening your sense of connection. Wed, Feb 29   book a FREE 1 hour session between 11-7pm  SESSIONS FULL (Sign up for Waiting list)

To sign up for either event, see Member Services or email us at: info@elementalwellnesscenter.com

Chair Massage: NOW 5 DAYS A WEEK!  Let the healing hands of our certified massage therapists soothe your sore muscles.  Mon-Fri: 11-3 FREE.  
Valentines Day Extended Massage Hours 11-5pm!

Crop Circle Grow Club Hosted by Josh Every Sunday 3pm FREE.  Troubleshoot Problems.  Trade Tips and Genetics with other Growers.  All Levels Welcome.

We accept all major credit cards except American Express (with valid picture ID). We now accept gift cards.
TOP SHELF - $17 gram

($60 savings on an ounce!)

Ingrid (I/S)  14.08%THC NEW

Godfather Kush (I/S)  16.07%THC NEW

Purple Kush (I/S) Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani NEW

Jack's Haze (S/I)  16.537%THC Jack herer x Haze "Strong sedative sativa,  wonderful pine smell and taste!! Works well against Spasticity." -Dustin NEW

Phantom Menice (S/I) 17%THC!!! Lavender X Green Crack! "Star Wars The Phantom Menace was just re-released in 3D! Perfect time for release of this amazing strain!" -Kalle NEW

J-1(S/I) 15.17%THC Jack Herer X Skunk #1 NEW

Grapefruit $10 Off TOP SHELF Patient Appreciation Special  $50eighth (S/I) 15.7%THC ($60 value) NEW

Fire Alien (I/S) 17.89%THC Alien Tech Kush X Fire OG Raskal Cut

Yogi Diesel (S/I) 18.14%THC! "Full flavor, sour diesel deliciousness that lingered, filling me with a 'happily ever after' effect :)" -F.Jenkins

The True OG (I/S)17.9%THC Thai X Pakistani X Chem Our In-House strain, Winner at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2010 and 2011!  

HIGH GRADE $15 - $16 gram

(Save up to $80 an ounce!)

OG Kush (S/I) 14.65%THC (Chem x Lemon Thai x Old World Pakistani Kush) SPECIAL $13gr/$40eighth! (regular $15gr/$50e)

White Strawberries (S/I) 15.9%THC NEW

Violater Kush (I/S) 14.23%THC NEW

Big Sky OG (S/I) 16.9%THC NEW

Ken's GDP (I/S) 16.4%THC Purple Urkle X Big Bud NEW

God's Gift (I/S) GDP X OG Kush 15.27%THC

Jamaican Lion (S/I) BACK! Winner High Times Medical Cannabis Cup - 2nd Place CBD Award! 8.86%THC/ 7.43%CBD

"This is one of our most popular strains!  It's going to make a lot of people happy" -Mikey

Lemon Skunk (S/I) 17.22%THC "Incredible nose. Tastes like lemon with a subtle skunk finish" -Mia   "Superb" -Mike NEW

Tahoe OG (I/S) 17.27%THC! (OG Kush x SFV OG)

Green Cush (S/I) 15.69%THC

Sour Flower (S/I) 16.21%THC (Super Silver Haze x Super Silver Haze)


MID GRADE $13 to $14 gram

(Save up to $65 an ounce)________________________________________________________

OG Kush (S/I) 14.65%THC (Chem x Lemon Thai x Old World Pakistani Kush) SPECIAL $13gr/$40eighth! (regular $15gr/$50e)

Platinum Bubba Kush (I/S) Platinum Kush x Bubba Kush $13gr/$40eighth!  NEW

Mendo Madness $14gr/$45eighth 16.5%THC!!! (I/S) Old School Mendocino Genetics

The Ultimate Mix The True OG and  other High Grade strains! Only $45eighth

Sour Pak (S/I) 14.62%THC (Sour Diesel X Pakistani) $14gr/$45eighth

Dr Atomic's N.Lights (I/S) 15.32%THC

EXCELLENT VALUE $10 to $12 gram

(Up to $40 savings on an ounce!)

Afpak(I/S) 14.28%THC $35eighth!

Dark Vader Minis(I/S) 13%THC $35eighth!

Platinum Kush Budlets(I/S) $35eighth!


Jamaican Lion (S/I) BACK! Winner High Times Medical Cannabis Cup - 2nd Place CBD Award! 8.86%THC / 7.43%CBD

"This is one of our most popular strains!  It's going to make a lot of people happy it's back" -Mikey

Harlequin (S/I) High CBD (Columbian x Thai x Swiss) $13gr/$40eighth  (Normally $14g/$45eighth) Out of Stock

Click on the links below for more information:


What is CBD?
Collection of Scientific Literature

Reported Conditions Treatable with CBD/THC



Sour Queen Bubble (S/I) $20gr!

Headband Full Bubble (S/I) 40%THC $30gr!

Blueberry Trainwreck Bubble (S/I) 49%THC $25gr!

Blue Dream Bubble (I/S) DJShort Blueberry X Super Silver Haze $20 gram NEW

Super Skunk Wax (S/I) 59%THC 2%CBD!! LAB-TESTED SOLVENT FREE $10 OFF SPECIAL $40gram!!! (($50 value)

Atomic Wax (50/50) 54.19%THC $45gram LAB-TESTED SOLVENT FREE

NYC Diesel Wax (S/I) 55.06%THC $45gram LAB-TESTED SOLVENT FREE "An expansive head change with an explosive piney flavor" -Grim Reefer, FB Fan

Blackberry Full Melt (I/S) $35gram

XJ Bubble (S/I) 42.27%THC $25gram

Hash Plant Full Melt (I/S) Northern Lights#1 X plant X Afghani $35gram "I'm very sensitive to concentrates, but this melt was super smooth and ultra easy on the intake." -Mia  "Expansive smoke, felt like I was floating. Great for unwinding. Elevated my mood and relaxed me simultaneously." -Judy

OG Full Bubble (S/I) $30 gram

Pure Gold $40 half gram 73.8%THC, 4.9%THC - ultra pure THC concentrate "Incredible in the Omicron. Intake is smooth, almost buttery. Taste is piney, sweet, delicious. Effect is blissful. My aches and pains dissolved away." -JS

Sour Diesel Full Bubble (S/I) $30 gram

Sour Diesel Full Melt (S/I) $35 gram "Skunky full melt with a nice consistency. A quick head change and great duration."  -Ross

Gold Mist Spray "Pretty awesome. It had me mellow and relaxed almost immediately. Great for sneaky anxiety!" -Mia $35 bottle

Ganesh Wafers 40% THC $30 gram

Shiva Crystals 44.84% THC $40 gram



Medi Cones Pre-rolls are packed with one gram premium medicine and fortified with kief Please click below to visit our facebook wall and get a Medi Cone update


The True OG Prerolls! Packed with approx one gram of The True OG (all flower, no shake)! This is the only place you can get the real deal, 2010 & 2011 High Times Winner.  Special $17


Space Queen $10



Aunt Dolores Chili Lime Peanuts:  $10 donation NEW San Francisco Cannabis Competition Winner. Vegan, Sugar Free, Gluten Free. Contains: 1 Gram Cannabis, Peanuts, Peanut Oil, Lime Juice, Chili Powder, Kosher Salt, Garlic Powder. "De-licious. The perfect medicated salty snack with a sharp, but not too spicy zest." -Mia.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil STAFF PICK This is the extract of the plant and its flowers, so you get the healing benefit of almost 400 components of the plant, not just the popular 2 or 3. Solvent-free. Use as either an edible or a skin lotion. Suggested for internal use by the manufacturer where concentrated forms of cannabis are recommended by a doctor; for pain relief, relief of insomnia, appetite stimulation, and as a healing aid during illness.  

"I use this for skateboarding bumps and bruises, and it's amazing." -Dustin

"Makes a great edible alone or in a recipe" -Judy

"A very potent medicine, great for pain relief!" -Mia

Fatboy Medibles Texas Trash with toasted wheat and rice squares, pretzels, peanuts, sourdough pretzels, cheese crackers, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, garlic powder, and Fat Boy's own Better Budder STAFF PICK! "Buttery Goodness, like chex mix with a bite! I want to get this by the carton." -Mel (400mg = 1.5 oz = $10 donation)  

Kind Caps
4pk Sativa/Indica $12  
12pk Sativa/Indica $32
20pk Indica $50              
20PK Sativa $50        
"I am a 66 year old, stage 3 colon cancer survivor, and thank goodness for Kind Caps!  They're measured for potency, easily digestible, & portable. They provide effective relief for my neuropathy, insomina, & anxiety due to chemo." -Max, Elemental Wellness Member

Clarified Confections Triple Clarified Butter $50 (4oz. jar = 44 doses = 22 one oz. cookies) Or add to your own favorite baked recipe!

Neutron Bar - Peanut Butter (in Indica) or Fruit Flavor (in Indica and Sativa) $10 donation NEW 180mg THC, .95g Cannabis  NOW CBD ENRICHED!

Naturally Gluten Free Vegan, No Dairy or Animal Products, No Added Sugar, High in Protein

"10 years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma, which consumed and hardened my digestive tract.  I ached from head to toe, and almost died!  Thankfully, a doctor prescribed cannabis & power bars to me. This was the genesis for the creation of the Neutron Bar." -Steve Landman, founder

Kiva Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate Triple Strength! 180mg THC per bar $18 "Sheer heaven.  The vanilla and chai hit your tastebuds first. Then your mouth is wrapped in a warm blanket of creamy gourmet chocolate!" -Judy

Kiva Mint Irish Cream Triple Strength! 180mg THC per bar $18  Out of Stock

Kiva Milk Chocolate Regular Potency $10

Kiva Dark Chocolate Regular Potency $10

Sweet Relief Drink

Includes Mix Spiced Cider, Pina Colada, Chai, Cherry, Hot Chocolate, Kiwi Strawberry, Tangerine, Lemonade & more

Irish Moss (Sativa Indica Blend) 2 dose

Clarified Confections - Chocolate Chunk Cookie 2pk = 4 doses

Clarified Confections - Spicy Iced Pumpkin Cookie 2pk = 4 doses

Clarified Confections - Peanut Butter Choc. Chip Cookie 2pk = 4 doses "Had the perfect chewy to crumbly ratio- perfect consistency and taste, plus they were surprisingly potent!" -Mia

Clarified Confections - White Choc. Macadamia Nut Cookie 2pk = 4 doses "Absolutely delicious.  You can taste the love that goes into the baking.  As far as effect, I suffer from insomnia, and this cookie functions like a low dose sleeping pill for me.  I take a nap and wake up feeling well-rested." -Ben Ten Jr.

Clarified Confections - Molasses Crinkle Cookie 2pk = 4 doses -Our 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Submission!  "Off the hook.  DELICIOUS!!!" -Member

Clarified Confections - Connoiseur Cookie Box 12 cookies for $38 ($42 value)

Clarified Confections - Valentines Day Connoiseur Cookie Box Treat yourself to 12 cookies (6 flavors) for $38 ($42 value)

Creme de Canna Ice Cream - Gourmet Hand-packed Ice Cream in 3 Fabulous Flavors
Straw-Mari Cheesecake
Bananabis Foster
Triple Fudge Brownie

Alpha Medicinals - Dunkers

Alpha Medicinals - Rocky Mt. High Bar

Alpha Medicinals - Black Rabbit Cookie

Alpha Medicinals - White Rabbit Cookie GOING FAST

Bliss Edibles German Chocolate Truffles - $12 donation 2010 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Winner - 2nd Place OUT OF STOCK

Spiral Heart Apple Cider Vinegar Tincture

Spiral Heart Veggie Glycerin Tincture

Spiral Heart Alcohol Tincture

Spiral Heart HIGH CBD Tincture Apple Cider

Spiral Heart HIGH CBD Tincture Alcohol

Spiral Heart HIGH CBD Tincture Glycerin

Spiral Heart Cannabis Honey

Forest Nymph Auntie-Enflame Tincture

Forest Nymph Sweet Dreams Tincture  

Forest Nymph Pain Relief Tincture

Forest Nymph Auntie Blues Tincture  

Shaman Healers AfGooey Brownie - (made with 3 types of Ghirardelli chocolate chips) INCREASED POTENCY

Shaman Healers Cakes Strawberry & Lemon Haze - INCREASED POTENCY

Shaman Healers Lemon Skunk Cake INCREASED POTENCY

Shaman Healers Purple Pecan Mini Pies INCREASED POTENCY

Shaman Healers Cakes Strawberry Kush INCREASED POTENCY

Shaman Healers Red Velvet Cake NEW!

On The Rise Potent Brownie $10
On The Rise Super Potent Brownie $14
On The Rise Super Brick Brownie $24

"I put the brownie in a blender with vanilla ice cream for  a great milkshake!" -Josh, Staff

"Puts me to sleep. Works better than the prescription sleep medicine I get." - Member

On The Rise Potent Gingerbread $10
On The Rise Super Potent Gingerbread $14 OUT OF STOCK
On The Rise Brick Gingerbread $24

Stop Light Cookie .5gms  Urkle Kief butter, flour, eggs, powdered sugar, baking powder, granulated sugar, cinnamon      

Tricome Lozenge

Eat Me Caps (3pk/10pk Green, 3pk/8pk Red)

Gold Caps (5pk) 25 mg. each



Hempotics Deep Massage Oil 1 oz. $13  GOING FAST!

Hempotics Eye Magic .5 oz. $16 GOING FAST!

Doc Green's Lotion (1 oz bottle Vanilla) $7 - "The best therapeutic healing cream I've tried! It rolls on smooth and gets absorbed almost immediately. Great for people with sensitive skin!" - Mia

Cannabis Vanilla Lotion 1oz. $7

Cannabis Topical Spray $20

Forest Nymph Pain Relief Cream (2 oz)

Forest Nymph Nerve Calm Cream (2 oz)

Kind Rub Healing Roll-on, Healing Spray, Moisture Salve

Spiral Heart Green Tiger Salve - contains: arnica montana, saint john's wart, cinnamon leaf oil, clove bud oil, white camphor oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil.

"After several foot surgeries and countless RXs, I finally found a long-lasting, effective pain treatment that dulls my pain but not my mind." -Member


CLONES (10% OFF 10 or More!  Limit 12 per patient)


Clones start at $12 each

Blueberry Jack


Blue Dream Dark Heart Nursery

Grape Ape Dark Heart Nursery

Dream Queen

Tahoe OG

Agent Orange,

White Widow Dark Heart Nursery

LA Confidential,

Ken's GDP


Larry's OG


Hindu Skunk

Sugar Kush

Purple Urkle

Chem Dawg 4 Dark Heart Nursery




Please click below to visit our facebook page and get a seed update


DNA SEEDS 6 Pack $70, 13 Pack $80

TGA SUBCOOL SEEDS 5 Pack $50, 10 Pack $80

SOHUM SEEDS 10 pack $80


*All products and specials are available while supplies last, before tax, with donation. Offers cannot be combined. To redeem offer, please mention offer at time of donation.

The information provided on this menu cannot substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.  Even if a statement made about the medicine is accurate, it may not apply to you or your symptoms.  None of the information, statements, or reviews provided should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a medical opinion.


Open everyday 11:00am - 8:00pm

Vendor Hours

All Vendors: Tues-Fri 12:00 - 6:00pm

Return Vendors: Tues-Fri and Mon & Sat 12:00 - 6:00pm


We are located at:

711 Charcot Avenue

San Jose, CA 95131

P: 408-433-3344

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