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pain managment clinics aka Pill Mills

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 08:23 AM

I recently watched a documentary about pain management clinics in florida, where legal patients can go and get oxycontin, vikadin, and other not so safe presciption drugs. Hundreds of these clinics are popping up all over florida nears schools and other sensitive areas. this is a stretch so don't jump on me for comparing them. Medical marijuana clinics popping up all over california compared to these pain management clinics. I'm generalizing here, but I believe a majority of each of the cliental are 18-30 year olds because this is a high volume age group. From my understanding the long term effects of using/smoking oxycontin severely outweighs the long term effects of smoking marijuana.

its clear that both states substances have the possibility of abuse.

Physical Dependence
As a person continues to abuse Oxycontin, his body develops a tolerance to the drug. Kristi Monson, PharmD, and Arthur Schoenstadt, MD, authors of the eMedTV article "Oxycodone Addiction," point out that people can have a physical dependence without an addiction. The physical dependence arises from the user's body getting used to the changes made by the drug. As a result, when he stops using Oxycontin too quickly, he can have withdrawal symptoms. For example, people can experience muscle pain, fever, anxiety, insomnia and nausea during withdrawal. Users can also have cravings for Oxycontin. The Center for Substance Abuse Research at the University of Maryland notes that changes to the brain from Oxycontin cause users to have problems quitting, which can result in addiction.
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Breathing Difficulties
When a person takes Oxycontin, the medication binds to the opioid receptors. Besides reducing pain, Oxycontin can lead to breathing difficulties. For example, Monson and Schoenstadt explain in the eMedTV article "Oxycodone Side Effects" that users can have slow or irregular breathing. As a result, people may not get enough oxygen.
Mood and Behavior Changes
People who abuse Oxycontin may have noticeable changes in their mood and behavior. Monson and Schoenstadt note that users may have mood swings. For example, users can be pleasant and happy but become irritable or sad quickly. The mood swings can make users unpredictable. Oxycontin abusers may become aggressive or easily agitated. As part of the drug abuse, users may become more secretive and change who they spend time with.
Neurological and Cardiovascular Effects
Oxycontin abuse can result in problems in the brain and heart. For example, Oxycontin abuse can result in a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, which puts pressure on the tissue. The increase pressure in the skull can cause changes in mental function, such as confusion. Users may become drowsy. Seizures can occur, in which users' can lose consciousness or muscle control. Oxycontin abuse can also affect the heart's normal function. Monson and Schoenstadt point out that users can have a slowed heart rate, called bradycardia. Other effects include low blood pressure and heart failure.

if only florida was more marijuana friendly. they're youth would probably live happier, longer lives.

Read more: Long-term Effects Of Oxycontin Abuse | LIVESTRONG.COM

There are more of these pain clinics here in Broward County than there are McDonald's restaurants: 115 so-called pill mills, vs. about 70 of the burger franchises. And that profusion contributes to one big problem: there is no tracking system to prevent patients from getting multiple pill prescriptions at once and immediately, because the clinics hand out the pills rather than making people go to a pharmacy. The business card of the Broward Pain Clinic announces, "Dispensing on Site!" a service that's also trumpeted by dozens of other clinics. Because of that, cocaine is no longer king in South Florida, as it was during the Miami Vice era. Prescription oxycodone now reigns supreme.

Read more: Florida Pain Clinics: 'Pill Mills' for OxyContin Abuse - TIME
from what i understand out of state patients are no longer allowed because of obvious drug trafficking issue.

anyone have any insight on this issue?

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 08:37 AM

well the 4- 5 mg. tabs help reduce the leg pain i have everyday,and it helps my nausa-call me an addict or whatever i'm tired of people putting lables on people-i can't belive that i was put on this earth to suffer all my life,mostly due to alcohol and lsd and bad blood and near death at 11-i have 2 strong kids who are much better prepared for the world then i was-they will be what i could not be-sane