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Advice #2: How to "watch" Your Forum

Hi everybody, welcome to Part II of our series of articles on how to Optimize your WeedTRACKER Presence for Collectives, Dispensaries and other advertisers. Originally we were going to cover menu posting in Part II, but instead were going to cover something that is just as important, if not more important, your forum and how to get the most out of it.

With the change to IPBoard came a lot of new features, one of the neatest and most useful is the ability to "watch a forum." In vBulletin you might remember being able to "subscribe" to threads to get the latest updates when new post were made in that thread, well IPB has taken that one step further and allows you to watch a forum and get instant notifications if there are any new post or replies.

How can you use this? Simple, watch your own forum. If you watch your forum you wont have to sit around and keep refreshing the page looking for new post, you can go walk away and do other things and when you come back youll have a nice list of notifications with links to the new content.

Using this feature will allow you to be able to reply to post more efficiently. You will no longer have to browse through threads looking for new questions or things that need your attention. You will instantly know that somebody wants to know if youve got Kush in stock and youll be able to respond in a much more timely manner, thus improving your relationships with your patients.

So where is this feature located? You can find a blue button at the top right side of each forum next to the new thread button (See image below).

Posted Image

And this is what the notification screen looks like. By default, "immediate notification" is not checked, you will have to select that option in order to be instantly notifed when somebody post in your forum.

Posted Image


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