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My 3 Week Old King Louii 13 Plant

Posted by boxcaracer86 , 19 September 2011 · 186 views

hello there i have had my king louii plant for about 2 weeks now and it is growing great in its 3rd week of growth i have added another light to the opperation. this one is a 65 watt round bulb along with my 29 watt flourecent tube light. i have purshased some bomb nutrients called dyna-grow and it seems to be working great new leaves pop out of no where everytime i look it seems. so i have a total of 94 watts and nutrients with some foxfarm soil with a 4x4 inch pot and my plant seems to be doing good except for one thing my leaves seems to be a bit dry. i spray them many times daily with water and a drop of nutrients.  are the nutrients in the spray bottle my problem?? if you have any helpful comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them on my blog!!!

Best bet is to take a picture and then ask, Sounds like perhaps you might have a bit of nutrient burn, are the edges of the leaves folding at all?

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