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Oc Medical Cannabis Social Club

Posted by Social Club , in Social Clubs 22 July 2011 · 260 views

Medical Cannabis social clubs Cannabis social club
Now that the city of Garden Grove, CA. realized it is better to regulate cannabis collectives instead of fighting them,  like other cities are doing, the city is the perfect place to launch the OC Medical Cannabis Social Club and hold it's first meeting there.  
This local "private social club" is restricted to people with medical cannabis recommendations that want a secure place they can hang out, socialize, meet new people, munch and medicate in someplace other then by themselves in their home or apartment.  
I believe California medical cannabis patient's shouldn't be denied secure places other then their homes or apartments to be able to medicate in and that is why the club was formed.   The club has rules and restrictions that keep it's activities within the boundaries of the law.  Like no buying or selling of any drugs at club meeting is one of those membership rules.
     The first private meeting for members only is being held on Thursday, July 28th, 9 pm- 12 am at 14241 Euclid St. # 108 Garden Grove.  2 blocks south of the Garden Grove (22) freeway.  Join club at the door. with valid CA. Medical Recommendation. Keep updated on this blog for new club  " Chapters " and future meetings.

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